Posted on: October 22, 2008 8:35 pm


There's this Erie feeling surrounding the Cleveland Browns right now.

Start off with a controversial player who's credibility has been called into question.
Next, add a head coach whose happy and complacent nature feels unhuman at times.
Finally there's the GM. A pale-faced man who's bright blue eyes and straight talk seem make many feel uncomfortable.

GM Phil Savage and Romeo Crennel have never given Browns fans reason not to trust them until now. Kellen Winslow said, "it was the organization who wanted to keep it private."

Two days later, Romeo Crennel tells us "it was a mutual decision made by Kellen and the organization."

There's even more contradiction.

Mary Kay Cabot recalls Jamal Lewis attempting to talk Kellen out of going public with his concerns. Kellen clearly had time to clear his head and make the rational decision of going public with his comments.

Romeo Crennel tells the media that Kellen is "a young man who let the heat of the moment cloud his decision making."

Big Brother Savage, usually forthcoming about talking with the media, issued a fluffy press statement - the first time he's done that in years.

Creepy huh?

There has to be more to this than we're seeing...
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