Posted on: October 13, 2009 10:43 pm
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Brady Quinn's House For Sale

If actions speak louder than words, someone needs to tell Brady Quinn to keep it down.

According to Waitingfornextyear.com , Quinn put his $630,000 Avon Lake home on the market - a telling sign of his future with the Cleveland Browns.

The move comes as no surprise.

Quinn's week three halftime benching in Baltimore all but signaled the end of his time with the Cleveland Browns.

I would not be surprised if Eric Mangini and George Kokinis decided to trade Quinn before next weeks' NFL trade deadline.

The Browns currently have three quarterbacks capable of running the offense: starter Derek Anderson, Brady Quinn, and journeyman backup Brett Ratliff. Ratliff was one of the key pieces in the draft day deal with the Jets for the rights to Mark Sanchez.

Mangini has seen Ratliff progress in his system, so Mangini would likely feel comfortable leaving the backup duties to him.

Few teams appear in need of a project quarterback, but one team stands out more than the others: the Washington Redskins.

Jason Campbell is still the team's unquestioned starter, but there is a clear lack of depth behind him.

38-year-old backup Todd Collins would be next in line, but no one knows what to expect from Collins 2-3 years from now. The promising Colt Brennan is currently on injured reserve, and that leaves a big question mark behind Collins as the third quarterback.

With the Redskins wallowing in mediocrity and Jerry Jones' Cowboys making all the headlines, such a high-profile move has Daniel Snyder written all over it.

The move would re-energize the fanbase and send a strong message to Jason Campbell - play well or get benched.

The NFL trading deadline is a week away. There's still a week of football to be played, and much can happen between now and then.

We'll soon find out how the situation resolves itself.

Posted on: October 11, 2008 9:36 am

Rumor: Details on Kellen Winslow's Injury

According to a league source published in part by Profootballtalk.com, Kellen Winslow is being hospitalized for Swollen Testicles.

The report only makes notice of the injury and does not specify any additional details.

If this report is indeed true, Browns fans have little to worry about.

A men's health article published by 4-men.org elaborates on what this could possibly mean for the Browns.

Testicle Swelling
Pain doesn't always accompany swollen testicles; the presence or absence of pain depends on the cause of the swelling. Often, swollen testicles are caused by harmless fluid accumulations. However, swollen testicles can also be a symptom of testicular cancer.

Hydrocele is a common cause of swollen testicles in newborns and the elderly, although men can develop Hydrocele at any age. Hydrocele occurs when fluid accumulates between the two menbranes that cover the testicles. One or both testicles may be swollen. Hydrocele swelling gradually increases over a period of weeks or months.

Hydrocele swelling is usually painless. If the testicles appear to be chronically swollen, medical interventions are available. Surgery can cure Hydrocele, or the fluid may be drawn out of the testicular membrane using a fine needle. (fine needle aspiration is quite painful, so some men prefer surgical operations)

Kellen most likely was kept an additional night to run tests for cancer or any other serious conditions.

The big thing to take into consideration here is the absence of pain. Barring a serious discovery, Mary Kat Cabot thinks Kellen would be cleared to play on Monday night.

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