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Week 8: From Pumpkins to Carriages

Cinderella 2: The 2008 Cleveland Browns Story
Act 2, Scene iii
by: Romeo Crennel and the Dawgs


Derek Anderson as "Bernie Kosar"
Jamal Lewis as himself
Braylon Edwards as "The Playmaker"
Shaun Rogers as "Aloha"
Steve Heiden as "Kellen Winslow"
Rex Hadnot as "Gene Hickerson"
Willie McGinest as "Grandpa Cheeks"
Cleveland Browns fans as "The Dawgs"

Matt Jones as "Shaquille O' Neal"
Maurice Jones-Drew as "The Contained One"
David Garrard as "Randall Cunningham"

The Cleveland Browns came into this game after a hard-fought loss to the Washington Redskins last Sunday night. Turmoil surrounded the Browns all week with the "Staphgate" controversy making national headlines. Hall of Fame guard Gene Hickerson passed away last Monday, so the Dawgs entered this game with heavy hearts. On the other side, the well-rested Jaguars are at home and need to win in order to keep pace in the tightly contested AFC South. The top two teams in that division play on Monday, so this game is a great chance for Jacksonville to make up some ground.

The action takes place on October 26th, 2008 at 4:05pm on Sunday night. 65 degrees. Sunny and warm.


Anderson: Hail Browns fans, I beseech thee. Lend me your hearts, trust, and adoration! While my play against Washington was less than inspiring, we still had a chance to win at the very end.

Dawgs: Dearest Derek. We beg - stop playing games with our hearts! Identify thyself and show us who the real DA is!

Anderson: Fear not, my friends. Dawgs are tougher than cats, so I will do my best to de-claw these wild beasts!

Dawgs: Make it so!

(curtain falls)

The storybook season continues for the Cleveland Browns after a stunning victory on the road against a physical, well-rested Jacksonville football team. The normally dependable defense played the supporting role to the offense this time - as Derek Anderson played one of his best games of the season. As dominant as the Browns were over the majority of this contest, the game came down to one final defensive stop by the Cleveland defense.

Make no mistake about it, this win was huge. The Steelers' loss combined with a Browns victory brings Cleveland that much closer to the top the the division.These past 3 games have shown us a lot about the Cleveland Browns - particularly about Derek Anderson. DA has shown the ability to manage this offense by making good decisions and for the most part delivering accurate throws. If we can continue to see this kind of play from Anderson, the Browns may have a chance to make things interesting in the AFC North.

The Good
  • Derek Anderson: As I've mentioned before, DA did exactly what he was supposed to do in order for the Browns to win. The numbers may not show a complete victory, but Anderson managed the game, made plays when he had to, and most importantly did not turn the ball over. He has not thrown an interception since week 3, so in that sense Derek has begun to show some consistency.
  • "Big Baby" Shaun Rogers has done an outstanding job as the lone bright spot along the defensive line. Rogers was simply a force tonight - recording 9 tackles, 1 sack, a field goal block and recovery along with numerous quarterback pressures. It is very early, but Shaun Rogers certainly looks like one of the best nose tackles in the NFL right now.
  • Penalties and Game Management: Who would have thought the Cleveland Browns would look like the more disciplined team on the field this evening? The Browns were flagged for one penalty all game and eliminated the mental mistakes of the past. With their undersized defensive backs, I am pleasantly surprised not one illegal contact or pass interference call was made all game. Romeo Crennel managed a flawless game - saving timeouts, making good decisions, and playing to win the game. It finally looks like the Browns have turned a corner with the technical errors that lugged them down earlier in the season.
  • The Run Defense: Wow. Maurice Jones-Drew and Fred Taylor were held to a combined 53 yards on 20 attempts. The Browns made it a point of emphasis to stop the run, and tonight they did just that. Credit goes to D'Quell Jackson and Kamerion Wimbley for playing a great game and executing the game plan well.
The Bad
  • Redzone Offense: The Redzone offense has sputtered in recent weeks. The Browns nearly stalled out on the first drive, and they settled for a 20 yard field goal on a crucial drive in the fourth quarter with the score tied 17-17. Rob Chudzinski has done a great job with the rest of the offensive unit, but I’d like to see a more efficient Browns team in the upcoming weeks.
  • Defending the Middle: The Browns defense continues to struggle with defending the middle of the field. Tucker's unit does an excellent job on the perimeter with solid corner play, but the Browns still have trouble with defense inside the numbers. What I’d like to see from the Browns next week is better execution in bracket coverage. Terry Cousin has struggled all year as the nickel cornerback. The Browns need to improve on deploying middle linebackers in zone coverage to help Cousin with covering the slot receivers.
  • Drops: It's sad to say, but this Cleveland Browns receiving corps is quickly establishing a reputation for dropping easy passes. Derek Anderson is a rhythm-orientated quarterback, and early drops kill drives along with confidence. I'm not too worried about this, but I hope the Browns can shake this habit and do a better job of making the reception.
The Ugly

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I cannot find one "ugly" area of play for the Browns this week. The Jaguars were able to sustain a few long drives which you never like to see, but the Browns came back and had an answer for everything the Jags attempted.

(The curtain rises as the Browns come out victorious to cheers from the crowd)

Dawgs: Here we go Brownies, here we go! Woof Woof!

So there you have it, the Cleveland Browns end the month of October with a tough road victory. Our Cinderella story looks to take another turn for the better as the Browns look to keep rolling against a tough Ravens defense. Cleveland must now exorcise their demons of the past in defeating their former selves and avenging a tough loss on the road. Questions still persist for our beloved Brownies: What will happen with the Kellen Winslow situation? Can the Browns succeed where they faltered 4 weeks ago? And how much does Shaun Rogers really weigh?

All of these questions and more will be answered in the next scene of Cinderella 2: The 2008 Cleveland Browns Story.
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Week 1: Top Five Players To Watch

Sircheeks presents: Top 5 Players to Watch in Week 1

Number 5...

Dallas Cowboys
SS Roy Williams

Roy Williams has a tough assignment tomorrow. Williams will be responsible for protecting against the Browns' vertical passing game as well as making sure Kellen Winslow, Braylon Edwards, Donte Stallworth, and the Browns' receiving corps don't get too comfortable with crossing and drag routes over the middle. Williams is a hard-hitting strong safety - so the latter won't be too much of a problem. The secondary will most assuredly be tested early and often with the deep ball, so Williams can't be too aggressive by jumping routes and cheating on the run.

Number 4...

Cleveland Browns
RG Rex Hadnot

We all know exactly how tough the left side of the Browns' offensive line is. The key to the running game and pass protection will be how journeyman right guard Rex Hadnot holds up against the exotic looks and blitzes that 2nd year defensive coordinator Brian Stewart brings. Being able to run the ball to both sides of the line is crucial to a balanced attack, and the Browns will need to rely on Hadnot and Shaffer to power block for Jamal Lewis.

Number 3...

Dallas Cowboys
QB Tony Romo

Can he repeat the overnight success from 2007? If so, then the Browns will be in for a long evening. Romo needs to continue to make good decisions with the football and avoid turnovers. The Browns' defense seems vastly improved from last year, and Romo can't become sloppy or overconfident in matchups that he normally wins. Cleveland will do everything in their power to rattle the celebrity quarterback - so Tony needs to stay calm and execute whatever gameplan the Cowboys put together.

Number 2...

Cleveland Browns
NT Shaun Rogers

Marion Barber and the Cowboys will provide the new Cleveland defensive front with an immediate challenge. Last year, the Browns ranked in the bottom 10 in virtually all run defensive categories among NFL teams. With run defense it starts in the trenches - more specifically in the middle. If Rogers and co. can be stout up the middle - particularly on 3rd down and in goal line situations - the Browns will have a good chance to win the game. Rogers and the Browns need to win the battle at the line of scrimmage.

Number 1.

Cleveland Browns
CB Eric Wright

This is the matchup that everybody is looking for - the Cleveland defensive backs against the talented Dallas passing game. Future Hall of Famer Terrell Owens highlights a dynamic aerial assault, and it will be up to Wright, Brandon McDonald, and Travis Daniels to neutralize that aspect of the offense. Eric has the speed and leaping ability to match up with Owens, but he severely lacks in experience and route-running technique. Wright's play will have a great impact on how successful the Browns will be tomorrow - and may ultimately decide the outcome of the game.
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