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Brady Quinn's House For Sale

If actions speak louder than words, someone needs to tell Brady Quinn to keep it down.

According to Waitingfornextyear.com , Quinn put his $630,000 Avon Lake home on the market - a telling sign of his future with the Cleveland Browns.

The move comes as no surprise.

Quinn's week three halftime benching in Baltimore all but signaled the end of his time with the Cleveland Browns.

I would not be surprised if Eric Mangini and George Kokinis decided to trade Quinn before next weeks' NFL trade deadline.

The Browns currently have three quarterbacks capable of running the offense: starter Derek Anderson, Brady Quinn, and journeyman backup Brett Ratliff. Ratliff was one of the key pieces in the draft day deal with the Jets for the rights to Mark Sanchez.

Mangini has seen Ratliff progress in his system, so Mangini would likely feel comfortable leaving the backup duties to him.

Few teams appear in need of a project quarterback, but one team stands out more than the others: the Washington Redskins.

Jason Campbell is still the team's unquestioned starter, but there is a clear lack of depth behind him.

38-year-old backup Todd Collins would be next in line, but no one knows what to expect from Collins 2-3 years from now. The promising Colt Brennan is currently on injured reserve, and that leaves a big question mark behind Collins as the third quarterback.

With the Redskins wallowing in mediocrity and Jerry Jones' Cowboys making all the headlines, such a high-profile move has Daniel Snyder written all over it.

The move would re-energize the fanbase and send a strong message to Jason Campbell - play well or get benched.

The NFL trading deadline is a week away. There's still a week of football to be played, and much can happen between now and then.

We'll soon find out how the situation resolves itself.

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Edwards Trade Good for Cleveland

So the Browns trade Braylon Edwards to the New York Jets for Chansi Stuckey, Jason Trusnik, a 2010 3rd round draft pick, and a 2010 5th round pick.

Who could have seen this coming?

In all seriousness, this was a great move for not only the Browns, but the Jets and Braylon Edwards himself.

We all know about the drops. We've seen the tantrums on the sidelines. The drunken off field incident with LeBron James' associate proved to be the final straw in the Braylon Edwards saga.

Braylon Edwards is a headcase.


His first five years with the Browns have been filled with drama, discipline and dropped passes. He has alienated himself from the fans with "the Michigan comments" and never quite recovered after that. He has suffered from lapses in concentration which have lead to dropped passes and lackidasical route running.

More than anything, Braylon is not the kind of player Eric Mangini believes in.

Mangini said he wants to build this team with tough, selfless players to whom football is important. While no one can deny his toughness, the other two qualities don't seem to line up with the athlete we know to be Braylon Edwards.

Selfless? Hardly. Look no further than Edwards' Twitter page to see just how 'selfless' he really is.

On August 19th at 10:58am, Edwards tweeted: "Hey guys check out the story on my efforts off the field: http://bit.ly/3QISUc "

News flash Braylon: selfless players don't promote their good works in the community. They give back out of kindness without expecting to receive attention or accolades.

Going back to what Eric Mangini said about players, does anyone believe football comes first with Edwards?

I sure don't.

While it's entirely possible he enjoys playing the game, he likely sees football as an avenue toward bigger and better things. If he didn't, then why would he chat up former Ravens' free safety Will Demps about modeling during a game ?

Braylon Edwards might not be selfless, but the two players the Browns received from the Jets definitely fit the bill. Chansi Stuckey is a wide receiver drafted in the seventh round of the 2007 NFL Draft. Nothing came easy for Chansi. He was not guaranteed millions before he took his first snap. He had to fight just to make the roster, and that gives Stuckey a greater appreciation of where he is and the opportunuty at his feet.

Similarly, Jason Trusnik had to work his way from undrafted obscurity to where he is now. By most accounts, Trusnik is an outstanding special teams player who genuinely enjoys the game of football. He has good size as a linebacker, and seems dedicated to his craft.

With the addition of two additional draft picks, you can't help but be pleased at what the Browns gained from the trade.

Braylon Edwards wanted to be a star and he'll get his chance in the biggest city of them all.

Thank you Braylon for your time in Cleveland.

I don't know what time your flight out of Cleveland leaves, but I hope you catch it.

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The Dolphins Should Trade for Brady Quinn

Have you ever known two different people who you thought would be perfect for each other? The two parties involved made so much sense that you wonder why they didn't come together in the first place.

Such is the case with the Cleveland Browns and the Miami Dolphins.

A trade where the Browns send Quinn to the Dolphins would be a win-win scenario for all parties involved.

On one side, the Cleveland Browns are smack in the middle of another quarterback controversy.

Currently, the Browns have two young quarterbacks on the roster - neither of which they can fully support while the other remains with the team. Browns head coach Eric Mangini benched Quinn in Sunday's blowout loss to the Ravens - effectively shattering any trust either can have for the other.

For all intents and purposes, Brady Quinn's time in Cleveland is over.

Furthermore, the Browns still have former Pro Bowl quarterback Derek Anderson on the roster - who proved he could effectively orchestrate Brian Daboll's offense in limited action.

In Miami, the Dolphins received word today that Chad Pennington's 2009 season will likely come to an end .

Pennington's absence leaves Chad Henne to run the offense. Henne did little to impress last weekend against the Chargers - completing 10 of 19 passes for 92 yards. He threw one interception which was returned for a touchdown.

Coming off multiple shoulder surgeries, the 33-year-old Pennington cannot be relied upon to be the long-term answer in Miami.

Enter Brady Quinn.

Quinn's conservative approach to offensive football fits perfectly with what the Dolphins like to do. In their current run-heavy, wildcat-based offense, the Miami Dolphins do not need a quarterback to throw for 300 yards on Sunday. They need a quarterback to manage the offense, avoid turnovers, hand the ball off to Ronnie or Ricky, and convert short distances on 3rd down.

Quinn would be perfect for that.

The Dolphins are loaded with talent at every position.

In addition to boasting the league's most potent rushing attack, the Dolphins have a solid offensive line, a capable defense, and talented wide receivers in Ted Ginn Jr. and Greg Camarillo .

They also have tight end Anthony Fasano - who should be more than a little familiar with Brady Quinn.

 With Quinn at the helm, Fasano finished his college career with 92 receptions for 1,112 yards and eight touchdowns. He was the second most prolific receiving tight end in the school's history.

A potential trade of Brady Quinn to Miami would bring about the thrilling conclusion to a memorable 2007 Draft Day.

In 2007, the Cleveland Browns passed on Quinn with the 3rd overall pick of NFL Draft. Brady Quinn was rumored to fall no further than No. 9 - where the Miami Dolphins were projected to draft the Notre Dame standout. In a surprise move, the Dolphins passed on Quinn in favor of Cleveland native, Ted Ginn Jr.

The Browns would eventually strike a deal with Bill Parcells and the Dallas Cowboys - acquiring the 22nd overall draft pick and the rights to draft Brady Quinn.

One more trade with Parcells would be the best case scenario for all parties involved.

If that happened, it really would be a match made in heaven.

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