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Posted on: November 26, 2008 6:40 am
Edited on: November 26, 2008 7:05 am

A Golden Boy No More: Quinn Out For Season

The Plain Dealer among other news sources is reporting Brady Quinn is done for the rest of the year.

And I for some reason, I can not stop smiling.

Only in Cleveland. Add Brady Quinn's name to a list of top-tier talent which includes Courtney Brown, Kellen Winslow, LeCharles Bentley, and Joe Jurevicius. What do those players all have in common? They are prominent Browns who have showed promise and given fans something to cheer about. They've inspired hope within a city desperate for a winner. They made us believe - even for one second - that good things might just come to a city that has waited over 40 years for an NFL championship.

The comedy of the situation does not stop there.

Back in April when General Manager Phil Savage refused to trade Derek Anderson, people openly questioned whether such a decision was right for the immediate success of the Browns. Savage held firm in his decision, stressing the importance of having two able-bodied quarterbacks on the roster. He mentioned how unpredictable the league is, and how depth is critical at such an important position.

Just where do they sell those crystal balls?

Quinn's departure opens the door for Derek Anderson - a door which should not have been closed in the first place. If Derek happens to be reading this, I have two words for you my friend:

Carpe Diem!

These next 5 games will ultimately determine the path Anderson's career will take with the Browns or otherwise. Derek Anderson has demonstrated the ability to be a franchise quarterback. He's played up and down all season - leading to a loss of his job.

Now is the time for DA to make good on all 24 million of those promises to the Cleveland Browns. Many players in the NFL are not afforded a second opportunity to prove their worth. Let's wait and see exactly how Derek answers the call this time around.

It has been said before, but quarterback controversies have a way of working themselves out. Derek Anderson has one last shot to prove himself a capable starting quarterback. If Anderson can utilize the experience he's accumulated over the past few years and turn it into success, things will become very interesting in Browns Town.

And just maybe you'll be smiling too.

Posted on: September 26, 2008 1:47 am
Edited on: September 26, 2008 1:54 am

Handling the Quarterback Situation

It seems everyone with a keyboard and mouse has chimed in on the Cleveland Browns' quarterback situation. Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn have been analyzed and discussed with all sorts of statistics, trends and figures. While I would hate to beat the proverbial dead horse, it is necessary to formulate my opinion clearly and effectively.

That way, I can refer to this entry when I am proven correct.

Er-hem...anyway, here is what we know:

The Cleveland Browns began the 2008 season with high hopes and playoff aspirations. Not too long ago, chants of "Su-per-bowl" filled preseason practice sessions in Berea and the Browns could do no wrong.

Oh what a difference a month makes.

Since that time, a number of fans have abandoned our quarterback and countless more given up on the team. Derek Anderson, the focus of most of the negativity, has failed to rise up to the unfortunate circumstances. An injury-ridden offensive line compounded with an already banged up receiving corps resulted in a catastrophic beginning to the '08 regular season. Due to the aforementioned problems and pressure from outside sources, the Cleveland Browns coaching staff is enveloped in another whirlwind of a quarterback controversy.

So what should the Browns' do - continue with Derek Anderson or look to Brady Quinn for a spark?

If anyone in the Cleveland Browns' organization thinks that a quarterback who has yet to make his first  NFL start will somehow *spark* an injury-ridden offense ranked 29th in total yardage, they must be dreaming.

This is not Gus Frerotte or Trent Green we're talking about here. This is a young man with virtually no game experience who some are relying on to turn an already disappointing season around. Quinn has the accurate arm, pedigree, and dashing good looks of a franchise-saving quarterback - and I'm not here to deny any of that. What I do deny is the presumed fact that Brady Quinn is as good or better than Derek Anderson at this stage of their young careers.

What kind of spark is Quinn supposed to provide in his first game as a starter anyway? Misreading a corner blitz? As Ed Reed and Troy Polamalu have demonstrated to this point, NFL safeties will make plays on the ball regardless if the coverage was read well or not. Now is not the time to thrust Brady into the fire and make is first NFL start an unpleasant one.

Sitting on the bench and learning will not kill him. Aaron Rogers, Tom Brady, and Carson Palmer all learned behind quarterbacks before the situation presented itself for them to start. In all three cases the waiting seemed to have served the quarterback well - as these guys have blossomed into franchise quarterbacks. The opportunity will present itself for Brady Quinn...in due time.

This is not rocket science people. Anderson has more experience than Brady so he should quarterback the Browns for the rest of the season. Romeo Crennel, in all of his fallibility, at least made the proper call by declaring Derek the starter against Cincinnati. Anderson gives the Browns the best chance to win on Sunday, so why not start him at any point this season? Barring a complete and utter collapse, Derek Anderson should finish the entire season as the starting signal caller.

Football teams experience both ups and downs throughout the course of an NFL season. It's just as easy to win three games in a row as it is to lose them. Had this happened to the Browns weeks 8 through 10, I would be willing to bet there wouldn't be nearly as big of a circus as there seems to be right now. The Browns started the season ranked 11th in Pete Prisco's power rankings. Now Prisco has the Browns ranked as the 29th best team in the NFL. 29th? Really?

Good teams and quarterbacks have the uncanny ability to work through adversity with determination and strong leadership. Make no mistake about it, when the Browns are healthy they can play with anyone. As the young season progresses, the team should get some of that veteran leadership back in the form of Joe Jurevicius, Sean Jones, Ryan Tucker, and Willie McGuinest. Once these significant additions return, the Browns can resume their quest towards their first playoff birth since 1999.

This of course assuming we haven't given up on them...yet.
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